Wrapping Coils:

Computer-Generated Image of a three-station version of the AUTOWRAP system.

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The system uses laser technology to automatically determine dimensions and wrap any size metal coil with any desired wrapping material.  The version pictured above features three independent coil platforms to which a pair of AutoArms can move, so that wrapping, loading, and unloading may be performed simultaneously.

Computer-Generated Image of a single-station version of the AutoWrap system.

Key Benefits

  • Production throughput is increased.
        -- Wrapping is five to seven times faster than with a hand wrapped process.
  • Human resource efficiency is maximized.
  • Task difficulty is decreased.
        -- Large coils can easily be wrapped
  • Safety is increased.
  • Factory floor space is optimized due to small system footprint.
  • The entire coil is covered by as many layers of wrap material as desired, resulting in a moisture-proof seal.
  • Cost due to rework and rejections is reduced.

Click Here for videos, animations, and interactive presentations!